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Dream of owning land in Arizona?
  Do you dream of a place where  you can build your own home, no neighbors sitting on top of you, just clean air, mountain views, and peaceful surroundings... yet close enough to town so not to be isolated.  If that is your dream...If you want quiet country living on Arizona Land and room to spread your wings, but easy access to the interstate; want to hang your wind chimes and not disturb the neighbors, or plant a little vegetable garden; want to build your mansion or, a small retirement place; want to have your best friend, your horse, with you; you want skies that are blue and views to please your eyes; you want a place where your kids can play worry free? Then Red Hawk Custom Homesite acreage is where you want to be at the end of the day.

You might be surprised  to know that you can own 2.5 to 5 acres of Arizona land to build your custom home on a lot  and have all your Shopping, school and medical conveniences within 10 minutes  in Benson, Arizona 10 minutes east of Red Hawk.  Benson school district had the highest rated schools in 2013 in the State of Arizona; nearby shopping includes, Safeway, Walmart, Ace Hardware,  and others, as well as a hospital.

Think about this. Remember when you bought your first home and you thought it was perfect, well accept for the kitchen, if the windows had just been bigger; or the master bedroom closet had a little more room;  or you could of had a larger garage for all that stuff.  Remember the next house?  It was in a new home subdivision and it had the perfect view, but - the lot was too close to the next house, so you wondered if you put your TV on late at night the neighbors would hear?  And the living room was perfect, well with the exception that if they had just moved the wall a bit it would have been perfect, and then when you asked for the off center fireplace to be centered in the wall and they said,  "no you are not building a custom home." Well at Red Hawk you can build your custom home the way you want to.  You can extend, or not, have a wall, you can make the closet the size of the bedroom if you like, you can put your fireplaces anywhere you want, the windows will catch the perfect views of each mountain they face.  You can build your dream home on ready to build Arizona land.  All lots offer you the opportunity to let your imagination run wild.  As wild as your and your contractor and regulations can go.  Do we have restrictions on building?  Yes, but they are for the enhancement of the style of living at Red Hawk.  Call us now for pricing, CCR's, Design Guidelines and to start planning for your future dream home. This land for sale is the prettiest in all of Arizona. Visit our FAQ page.