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Buyin An Acre of Land, What you need to know.

Buying an Acre of Land: What You Need to Know

Are you thinking about an acre of land or more? Like any other property purchase, it’s important to keep in mind basic considerations before making such a significant investment. When it comes to purchasing large parcels of land, there are a few other considerations to keep in mind.

Acre of Land: Things to Consider

§  How much is the land worth? There are places out there that claim to sell you a specific amount of land, but they are actually selling you less for more. One way to avoid being tricked is to request land survey records, which detail the exact size of parcel (how much acreage) and its current value.

§  Where is the land located? A lot of people perk up when they hear about rural land that is affordably priced. What they don’t understand when it comes to buying an acre is that the cheaper the land, the greater the likelihood that it’s located further away from modern conveniences such as  grocery stores, shopping centers, and emergency services, etc.

§  What do you intend to do with the land? Will you be building a home in the land? Will you be using it for profit? Will you be keeping livestock or using it to sustain your family? The amount of land you purchase and its location should suit whatever plans you have in mind. You should also consider potential maintenance and labor costs. Before purchasing your land, check with the local landowners association, if there is one, to make sure your plans are in line with their requirements.

§  What permits do you need to build on your land? Obtain the necessary permits to do what you want with the land, especially if you’re going to build on it.

§  Has the land been surveyed recently? A current land survey ensures that you will know exactly how much land you’re buying and where your property lines fall.

§  Are there any access roads to the property? If there are no access roads to your property, you may need to create some. In certain cases, you may need to obtain an easement, which can take time.

§  Can you get title insurance on my property? Regardless of what you plan to do with the land, you must protect your investment. A title search conducted prior to closing will ensure the seller has the right to sell the property and that there are no hidden liens. Title insurance protects you from liability for things missed during the initial title search, such as errors and omissions in deeds, mistakes in examining records, forgery and undisclosed heirs.

§  How far away is the property from basic needs? This may, in theory, be one of the reasons for you to consider a more rural setting; perhaps you’re tired of city life or you can’t stand the hassle of being constantly on the go. Located less than 30 minutes East of Tucson Red Hawk offers scenic views and serene acreage sites surrounded by The Whtestone Mountains—and you can still enjoy the city life when you want.

§  Is there a way to get water on the property? Where you get your water supply from is a vital component of your purchase, because this also affects whether you can live on the property, how much your water will cost and where your septic tank will be placed. Finding a community that has water already provided will save you a heavy price tag in the long run.

§  Will you build now or later? Depending on where you buy land, you may be able to have the home custom built, saving you the trouble of having to search for contractors, materials, etc. However, if you don’t plan to build right away, check to see what upkeep considerations if any you will need to know.

Buy an acre or even more than that can be a huge responsibility. However, given the right considerations, circumstances and location, it could be the best decision you can make. Red Hawk offers privacy, truly green living and they are located less 30 minutes from Tucson.  If you’re looking at land in Arizona, Red Hawk at J6 Ranch is a great place to start. Learn more by visiting the or join our community on You tube and Twitter today.

Reprinted from Brushy Top Texas

What Will You Need to Keep Up Your Acre

Having others around to help with maintenance will certainly make things easier! For instance, you can better handle landscaping, gardening and cleaning up when there is one or more people helping. In addition to going by faster, it can certainly be a big help when it comes to larger jobs that require heavy lifting or lots of manual labor. However, if you enjoy working outdoors and around your home, having a few acres of land may be your dream situation. Here are some maintenance tips to help you make sense of the maintenance you can expect when purchasing one or multiple acres of land.

1. Invest in landscaping equipment. If you are going to own more than an acre of land, you’ll probably need more than a push mower. Research your options and invest in a tractor and other equipment that can help you take care of mowing responsibilities efficiently.
3. Keep up with your fences. Owning a larger piece of property means that sometimes owners want to fence around the adjacent area of the home. In fact, depending on your needs and your neighborhood, you might decide to use several types of fencing. adobe walls add an elegant, inviting touch around the yards; chain-link fences could be used around gardens and dog runs. You’ll also need the proper tools to maintain your fences. But fencing the perimeter of your property at Red Hawk is not allowed.
4. Regularly maintain your equipment. It’s important to provide regularly maintain things like tractors, lawn rollers, power rakes, and even mini front-end loader buckets—all which can be rented or purchased depending on your needs.
5. Consider a co-op lifestyle. If you don’t have the equipment, the know-how or the inclination to do a lot of upkeep, you could adopt a co-op sort of sorts with neighbors. In such arrangements, all parties would agree to share in the responsibility of property maintenance or farm or garden maintenance in exchange for a portion of the goods attained.

Maintaining a large tract of land is a wonderful challenge to have and is completely worth it. Before purchasing acres of land, make sure the local landowners association has given you details on what your land can be used for. These requirements can vary depending on location. Red Hawk at J6 Ranch offers privacy,  green living and multiple homesite sizes. If you’re looking at purchasing land in Arizona, the Red Hawk at J6 Ranch are a great place to start.


Reprint from Brushy Top Texas

Visualization Time: How Much Is An Acre of Land?

Many people, particularly those who are accustomed to living an urban lifestyle, have a difficult time picturing what an acre of land actually looks like. When we think of land, we think of wide-open spaces in the middle of nowhere, and if you’ve never been in the middle of nowhere … well, visualizing an acre of land can be a bit of a challenge. However, when considering buying an acre of land, it would be beneficial if you understood exactly what that means.

An Acre of Land: Where Does the Term Come From?
The word “acre” derives from an old English word meaning “open field.” In the Middle Ages, farmers considered an acre to be the amount of land that could be plowed in a day with an ox.

Thankfully, today’s standards are much more measurable. Today, one acre equals 43,560 square feet. To determine acreage, multiply the length of a property by its width, and then taking the resulting number—the net square footage—and divide by 43,560.

Visual Aids: What’s as Big as an Acre?
Sure, it is helpful to know how to calculate the size of an acre of land; however, visualization is a much better way to understand acreage. Here are some insights that might help:

§  An acre of land is equivalent to roughly the size of a football field, minus the end zones.

§  The White House in Washington, D.C. sits on 18 acres of land. It’s hard to imagine that 18 acres of land fit in a city so tightly packed.

§  But it happens in all cities, even in New York City. One of the most famous parks in the world—Central Park—is a whopping 843 acres! And Macy’s department store—the flagship of the behemoth retailer—is 11 floors and takes up an entire city block. The building takes up three acres.

§  The standard Walmart and Lowe’s stores, which tend to be a bit large, measure about two to two-and-a-half acres each. That means that if you were to cut the store approximately in half, or a little less than half, you would have an acre.

Ranches of Brushy Top: Visualize the Beauty
Understanding the size of an acre of land is important when you’re considering owning land amid the majestic beauty of the rolling hills of the Whetstone Mountains. rRd Hawk at J6 Ranch offers privacy, green living if wanted, plenty of sunshine to use solar, and access to nature’s beautiful scenic views. If you want to buy land in Arizona, Red Hawk at J6 Ranch is a great place to start, and this community sits just 30 minutes East of Tucson with easy interstate access.


Reprint from Brushy Top Texas


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